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About the US Car Club of Switzerland
The Beginning Back in 1973 when only a handfull of car clubs existed in Switzerland, there was a gap; so a small group of 13 enthusiasts set the initial groundwork for a U.S. car club. This effort finally culminated with the founding of the first true US Car Club of Switzerland on May 31, 1975.
Mission The US Car Club of Switzerland promotes and supports U.S. built cars. Specifically the club aids enthusisasts in organizing parts, facilitates communication, aids in increasing technical knowledge, refers industry establishments, and provides services to exchange new or used autoparts. Most emphasis is on the wide range of social events throughout the year in addition to the Sunday morning get-togethers every week.
Membership During the glory years, when nobody bothered about traffic-congestion, parking-space, the oil-price, insurance-premiums, government-fees or emissions, the membership of the US Car Club of Switzerland skyrocketed to 120 members. Over the years many of these issues shifted in their importance and new automotive trends emerged. Today's membership adjusted to these new conditions accordingly.

The US Car Club of Switzerland has members throughout the entire country with a main concentration in the regions of Zurich, Aargau, and Thurgau. Member cars comprise all kinds of makes and models which enriches the versatility of the club life tremendously. Especially these different experiences are highly valued among current members.

Meetings Board meetings are held bi-monthly. Current problems, upcoming events, and diverse issues are discussed by board-members.

The General assembly in February and the Club Meeting are the two main meetings where all members are offered a free meal, a presentation by the directors, and the opportunity to discuss all topics of interest and concern.

Publications The Clubmagazine is released as a bi-annual publication in spring and fall. Among the many topics are reports of recent club meetings and events, automotive trends and tech-tips. Throughout the year a plethora of mailings include invitations to club sponsored events and announcements of US car events.
The Future The US Car Club of Switzerland enjoys a positive trend to more activity underlined by an inflow of new young members. With the recent spark in development of automotive technology and design a renewed interest in the US built automobile returns to our club. Members will, therefore, enjoy a diverse social club-life that's focused on the US automobile with its entire history and technological achievements.

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