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Club Charter

I. Name And Place Of The Club
Art. 1
A club with the name 'US Car Club Of Switzerland' was formed, in Winterthur for an indefinite length of time.

II. Purpose Of The Club
Art. 2
The Club intends to facilitate cheaper mechanical work and parts for its members. Presentations, discussions, and sharing of experiences should create and maintain a sense of community among members. The club also emphasizes a social atmosphere via club sponsored events and outings.

III. Sources Of Funds
Art. 3
Financial sources are generated from:

  • membership dues set and approved at annual meetings.
  • additional generosities
  • membership dues are: Active members: SFr. 140.00 ; Passive members: SFr. 70.00 per year and are due by April 30.
  • new members will have to pay dues within 30 days after joining. Prorating will be done as follows:
    membership starts between January 1 and June 30: SFr. 140.00 (active) and SFr. 70.00 (passive)
    membership starts between July 1 and December 31: SFr. 70.00 (active) and SFr. 35.00 (passive).
  • benefactors

IV. Bodies
Art. 4
The Club is composed of the following independent bodies:

  • The General Assembly
  • The Board of Directors
  • The Auditor

V. Club Meetings
Art. 5
There is an annual general assembly and an annual club meeting.

Art. 6
Issues brought to the attention of the board of directors by written request are discussed and approved by vote during the annual general assembly (majority rule decides). Extraordinary meetings are held at the sole discression of directors.

Art. 7
Decisios at the annual meetings are based on the majority rule except for extraordinary circumstances regarding Art.6. If no majority is reached after two votes, a relative majority in a third vote shall decide. At the annual general assembly. The directors shall present the annual report on operations and acounting This type of club meeting shall also hold elections for open positions of the board of directors.

Art. 8
Decision power of the general assembly:

  • Election of the directors and the auditor
  • Approval of the annual report
  • Change or ammend these articles
  • Disolve the club and/or merge/affiliate with other clubs or associations.

Vl. The Board of directors
Art. 9
The board shall consist of the following five directors:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Administrator
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations Manager

These positions shall be filled during elections at the general assembly. Term limits shall be one year and incumbents may be reelected for an additional term.

Art. 10
A Directors meeting is held at the request of the president based on the urgency of issues or if at least two board members so desire. During a board meeting directors cannot abstain from voting. On ties the president takes the decisive vote. For absentee votes only unanimous decisions stand.

Art. 11
The board of directors shall execute decisions and promote the club through its activities. It shall represent the club to the outside. The president and the administrator shall have power of attorney.

Art. 12
Annual dues for directors will be waived.

VII. Auditor
Art. 13
The auditor is elected at the annual meeting for the term of one year and shall do the necessary audits and revisions of the treasurers annual report and ongoing accounting procedures. An auditor will become ineligable after serving two terms or is related to member of the board.

VIII. Membership
Art. 14
Any person may acquire an active membership who is at least 18 years old and owns a street legal american automobile. Requirements for a passive membership are a general interest in the club and in its purpose.

Initiation & Cancellation of Memberships

  • A membership shall be initiated based on a written statement.
  • Cancelling a membership is possible anytime for the end of each semester with a written statement.

Termination of a membership becomes binding with a majority vote at an annual meeting and the disclosure of the resons. Members who cancel their membership or whose membership is terminated do not have the right for a reimbursement of full or partial dues. Any member who does not pay applicable dues after the first reminder will have their membership terminated within one month.

Membership ID
Each member will receive, on request, a membership identification card. Lost membership cards are replaced by written request and an additional payment of SFr.10.--.

IX. Disclaimer and Legal Protection of the Club
Art. 15
The club cannot be held liable under any circumstance for any illegal modification of cars and subsequent prosecution thereof. Anyone who damages the club in any way after the termination or cancellation of his/her membership will be prosecuted. The club waives any responsibility in regards to the actions, comments, or any activities of its members and benefactors. The club (directors, auditor, internet pages, and publications) respect the privacy rights of members. No information about its members shall be revealed to third parties without explicit consent.

X. Regalia
Regalia: Sticker with the club name. A sticker (choice: small or large) shall be available free of charge to new active members only. All new members shall receive a US-Car-Club sticker and a US-Car-Club pin free of charge.

XI. Termination of the Club and Final Article
Art. 17
Termination of the club or its merger with an other association is binding upon a 4/5 majority vote during one of the annual meetings with at least half of all members attending. Such a meeting is to be announced by written notice at least 10 days in advance. These articles were approved by the constitutional general member's assembly of the US Car Club of Switzerland,

Winterthur, Switzerland, April 2, 1977.

Ammended and revised:
Mai. 1978
Feb. 1979
Feb. 1980
Feb. 1981
Feb. 1983
Feb. 1988
Feb. 1995
Feb. 2003
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