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Ticino Weekend

Participation: 12 persons; 4 board members, 2 guests, and Kim, the Golden Retriever. This is 75% of the executive committee and meager 10% of all members. Where were the other 90%?
Initial Meeting: Restaurant Glarnerland. Approximately 90:30 a.m. departure via Chur - Disentis - Lukmanier.
In Ilanz we made a short stop. Some had to get rid of the early coffee. Nani met his brother who was very excited to have so many US cars visit. We made the next unscheduled stop between Ilanz and Disentis, where Dani, 'The Bandit,' was stopped and raided by members of the Institutional Graubünden Street Robbers Association. Don't blame it all on Dani: A Porsche passed our convoy what caused a small reflex in Dani's foot on the accelerator pedal.

Occasionally it rained a little, but streets remained dry. Now we headed towards Lukmanier. This time no cows blocked the road. However, Nani lost a screw on his Corvette's alternator pulley. And we had to stop. After some search Nani found a tractor shop, that repaired was able to repair it (after all don't Chevrolets descent somehow from tractors?) Finally we came to our well-deserved break on the top of the pass. Then we continued to roll down to the sunny Tichino. We passed Biasca and arrived in Londrino where a charming Grotto expected us with 'coniglio' and 'polenta.' Thanks to cell phones we knew Nani was back on the road and would join us shortly. Before we continued, Targas and Cabriolets were opened for rain clouds had disappeared now and temperatures reached 30 degrees C. The following drive was smooth and uneventful. At the hotel, parking spaces were scarce but the hotel management had reserved spaces on the sidewalk and bus parking lot for all of our beloved babies. Some immediately jumped in the lakeside pool while others made the bartender of the pool bar crank up to his max.

Dinner was served in a beautifully decorated room all in pink even the tablecloth. It was wonderful. Everybody was thrilled and enjoyed the meal. Discussions gushed. A side note: Plenty of meat was served - perhaps its texture might have been a little on the tough side - so a couple of pieces remained. What now? What a waste! Should we order a doggy bag? Much easier: Jeanette handed around her plate where left over meat was stacked sky high for her dog that was waiting in the room. The huge pile of meat was sort of embarrassing to Jeanette so with Jacqueline as cover the two sneaked up to the room with the delicacies. Upon their return they reported that dog, Kim, cleaned it all up in one sweep.

Afterwards we raided the hotel bar where most staid until 1 a.m.

On Sunday after breakfast we said good-bye to Nani, who went to the Lido and planned to remain for another day in the Tichino. We strolled around Morcote for shopping and sightseeing. All were pumped up for more adventures and convened for an idea session. Joerg suggested driving to Ascona. Said and done. We drove the scenic highway to Ascona, where we stored our US cars in the city's multi-story parking garage. After a short walk to the Ascona Riviera we had lunch in a restaurant with a beautiful view over the lake around 3 p.m.

By approximately 4:30 p.m. we got on our way back home via Lukmanier. The first stop just before we reached the top of the pass, Stephan's Chevy Blazer started to make problems. After a short break to cool the transmission we could continue. Back in Disentis, we stopped for another cool down for the Blazer. This was a longer break, so the Chevy could completely recover. However, some of our home-trained mechanics found a cracked spark plug wire and Dani and Stephan fixed it with a paper clip and electrical tape. Then we all parted ways and we believe all reached their home without more incidents.

Nelly Hueppi and Peter Appenzeller

Thanks to the organizers Joerg and Nani.

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