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Anniversary 2000
25 Years US CAR CLUB
2 day trip Eigeltingen to Lochmühle

We met at the restaurant Kempthal. Until all had arrived we enjoyed croissants and coffee in order to begin our journey strengthened. At 9:15 a.m. the assembled convoy of US cars left for Schaffhausen. In Andelfingen a short honk to greet the late arrival of the two missing members. Now a total of seven autos were on their way to the Lochmühle headed by a proud Toyota Corolla.

After an hour on the autobahn to Singen, we reached the small village of Eigeltingen. It was an easy and cozy ride. We all arrived safely at the Lochmühle which some of us already knew from last year's trip.

We waited...the Vice-Präsi looked for our contact person, who was supposed to get us to the 'strike the Lukas.' Whammmm.... with full force participants struck the poor Lukas. The indicator ranged from 'duck' to 'cock' that resounded the according crow. Scores reached all different levels. Obviously the guys had to impress the women and each aimed for the rooster.

We continued with the traditional cow milking. Two for each cow! Some competed with such enthusiasm that they ended up with wet feet...however only practice creates masters of the trade. After these arduous games we continued with a more relaxing activity: Lunch! The meal was beautifully arranged and very tasty.

With our stomachs plenty filled and in a good mood we tried our luck with crossbow target shooting. Naturally almost everybody hit dead center...well, with a few exceptions!

And then the main event of the day: The car race! Many of our racing enthusiasts got real excited now! Also St. Peter showed leniency and closed the heavenly tap again. Thus the course was still wet. However, the racers remained more or less dry.

Get set-ready-go. Again fierce competition among the men (some even bypassed the accelerator restriction illegally), while the women took it rather safe and slow. It was great fun for all and our pros were all covered with mud...After this we finally got our rooms or tents assigned and could enjoy a warm shower. At least the ones who signed up for a regular room were able to do that, but the shower in the tents was icy cold (brrrrrr).

After some refreshments we met again for a dinner buffet where we replenished our stomachs. Then the music started (rather for a younger audience) and we had one or two more drinks. While the young hoppers danced to the loud disco music. Some enjoyed the peace in the restaurant of the Lochmühle Later in the evening or rather early morning the rest of us crawled back into our rooms and the 'Indians' in their tents.

The next morning we had a rough awakening when approximately 20 cocks crowed all with a different pitch. A cozy breakfast was served. At this early hour many didn't look very fit but today we all had time to become our best a little later; We toured the Krebs valley in a two-HP horse carriage. The Präsi held another short speech that was a required part of this 25-year anniversary outing. Our 2-day trip would have ended here and now, but we decided to undertake still another trip to the Rhine Falls close to Schaffhausen.

After a short brisk walk on the Rhine Falls we socialized some more. Then the final good-bye and perhaps many of us, on their way home, reflected on this wonderful weekend.

Marcel Enzler

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