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This year, for a change, we headded out to the northern Elsass. At 8 a.m. we all met for a cosy breakfast at the beautiful Autobahn-Restaurant 'Würenlos.' After an energy snack, the five-car convoy took off. Although the weatherman predicted a miserable weekend, the rain stopped as we reached Strassbourg. Right inside the down-town area we found a brand new parking center.

We took a little stroll around the pitoresque mideval downtown area, visited the 'Münster,' and ended our down-town tour at the 'Le Grouber.' Here we enjoyed a local specialty, 'Tarte Flambée,' a paper thin and very tasty pizza. As we continued our tour around town the sun finally broke the clouds and we decided to have some ice cream from one of the stores in the street.
Back in our favorite place (behind the wheel) we drove northward into a beautiful rural valley. There in the village of Obersteinbach we lodged at two newly renovated Hotels. After some relaxation in the hotel-garden we all met for a drink in the village. Rudy had organized a promising dinner and led our convoy through a forest, over a mountain, down into the next valley. The extremely small and windy road had just about enough space for one US car and luckily, there was no two-way traffic at the time.

As we exited the forest a beautiful and romantic Restaurant appeared. We feasted extensively in a luxurious atmosphere until very, very late.
The next morning started with a perfect breakfast and a great view across the green valley. Soon we were on our way to the town of Hagenau and started the tour of the 'Rue des vins', the wine producing villages of the Elsass. All over, there were ample opportunities to taste some local wine.

One of the villages even had a storch-zoo with dozens of nests. Some villages had strange names i.e. 'Nothalt' ('Emergency Stop') which we passed fortunately without any incident.

Our final stop was in Kaisersberg, a mideval city with a castle, a water-mill and much more. Oh, the birthplace of Albert Schweizer. Again we saw many storchs and their nests way up on the rooftops all around the city. A 16th century joint hosted our last get together for a bye-bye drink. Back on the road and after a seemingly short drive back to CH, all of us were on our way home.

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