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Tavern Drive

9 a.m. sharp, seven cars arrived in Würenlos. The organizers Dave and Stephan were still hoping for a couple of late arrivers due to oversleeping - in vain. Around 9:30 a.m. the group headed off on a short drive to the restaurant Rüsler (I was surprised to leave learn that the lower-Alps start right here in Baden!) where we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Swiss Alps with treats of coffee and croissants.

Already by morning we know it was going to be a beautiful sunny day but we were surprised by the early heat.

After 'recharging our batteries' in this alpine restaurant we headed down a small road through forest following the Mutschellen to the Reuss valley. We passed many idyllic, little villages and via Affoltern a. A. arrived in Mühleberg for the planned lunch. However, we first had to earn it dearly; Dave and Stephan had prepared a competition to test our geography-savvy. Here one of the questions: What town is Swiss: Wüetikon-Hämikon-Grimmialp-Gräslikon? (Answer: see bottom of article.) So, another 28 similar questions had to be solved first. Obviously women were the stronger sex here - they took silver and gold!

After an excellent meal we drove down to the Reppisch valley and along the Türler lake. At the intersection to Affoltern we lost Dani who missed the exit due to the traffic. However, thanks to cellular technology Dave chased him down and brought Dani back to the 'herd.' Now back in the Reuss valley, we played a round of mini-golf and cooled off with a bier before heading back to Zürich. René made everybody know his excitement to drive a Viper today on his birthday.

A final stop at the country Ranch in Buchs, ZH, and we wrapped up a wonderful outing with a last drink.

Report from Renate Ryser

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