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Bowling Evening

On October 28, 2000, the USCC met once more for a cozy evening of bowling in the leisure center in Schlieren, ZH. After a previously organized test match between René and me, we decided to make it a USCC event.

Easy access by car and sufficient parking spaces made it a winner. René even made the treasurer, Appi, to pluck out 3 SFr. per player from the club-chest for the Bowling shoes (what a generous club!) We met at eight o'clock in the bowling alley. I was surprised to see 16 people and even on time - this is not the rule though. Häbi reserved 3 courses on which we played a total of two games. First we were confronted with complicated electronics; but we managed to enter all the beautiful names into the computer and hauled the bowling balls from the nearby storage. They are sooooo heavy? After a quick snack of salted peanuts offered unknowingly by Häbi, the first balls rolled. We missed initial shots altogether and were awed by the length of the course. At the same time others scored already with powerful shots. Occasionally difficulties arose with the oiled surface and certain shots made a hard bouncy landing...didn't you Renate?

Others had a hard time pulling fingers out of the holes...don't stick your fingers into everything! Now, after approximately 1-1/2 hours, the games were ready to wrap up. René recorded the scores of all players and presented the donated prizes to the winners.

Christof the winner received a Shelby scale 1:8
The runner up, Heinz Wolfer, carried off a Corvette scale 1:10
3rd place and now proud owner of a viper scale 1:16 is...(guess who?)
The consolation prize, a '57 Chevy Bel Air scale 1:25, was presented to Alexandra

Some more socializing and the first few already decided to drive back home. Everybody you ask? No, after short deliberation the rest of us drove to the Mojito. Unfortunately no parking space was available. So, we dropped by some tavern in the industrial zone of Schlieren. A sweet little restaurant but with plenty large tables to seat all of us. We talked and drank till closing time. Now even the most resilient party-animals went on their way to horizontal recharging...uffff; bowling what an exhausting game! We'd love to return for another game and thank for the generous prizes and organization by René Häberling!

Report from Marcel Messmer

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